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“In my opinion, this system constitutes a 
breakthrough in emergency water supplies.”

Douglas MacGregor
Terralab Engineers
Salt Lake City, Utah

“To simply state that they met our need would be a great understatement.... Your machines have worked so well, that we are making the push to have the United States Army Special Operations Command purchase them.”

1LT Douglas M. Vallejo
528th Special Operations Support Battalion
Fort Bragg, North Carolina

“Thank you and your company for the development of this [Global LS3-13500] technology and your wisdom in configuring  it in such a usable first-response system. One of our veterans of disaster relief said, “This is exactly what we have needed for so long.”

Robert Saul, Director

Disaster Relief Center

Brotherhood Commission, SBC

“Our team stayed healthy and the Russian workers took the “Baby Safe” water home to their children. They  normally boiled the municipal water for their children.”

                                                                                                                                                Dr. John LaNoue

“I love this [Global LS3-M6000] system. [it is] very easy to operate and maintain. It has done everything that I have
asked it to do.”

Thank you
Sgt. Dean McBride
3rd Special Forces Group
United States Army

 “Global’s home water purifier 
has made my water taste great.”

Charles Olive
Dallas, Tx.






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