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Limited Warranty and Guarantee 

            The manufacturer, Global Water Technologies, a division of Global Water Group, Inc., provides this Limited Warranty and Guarantee to purchasers of its single faucet, home use, water purification and filtration systems.

     Limited Purchase Guarantee.     Should the purchaser decide not to use or install any single faucet system provided by manufacturer within seven (7) days of purchase and receipt, purchaser may return said unit for a full refund. Purchaser shall pay any shipping cost to return such item. Refund shall only include cost of the unit and applicable taxes paid. Refunds shall be paid within thirty (30) days of receipt of the returned unit. Credit card purchases shall be refunded as credits to the same card. Refunds shall only be made to units returned in the original box, with no damage to said unit, and with no evidence of installation and/or use. 

        Limited Warranty.              Manufacturer warrants that each unit will operate in the manner described only in Company produced printed material and not by any oral statements by any person, whether or not an employee of the manufacturer. The Purchaser shall utilize the unit in a normal manner attaching said unit to any faucet outlet which utilizes a municipal water source input into a home.

        Under normal use, Purchaser should change the 1-Micron Multi-Media filter every twelve (12) months or 5,000 gallons, whichever comes first, to insure a safe standard of water flow. Purchaser should change the ultra-violet bulb every year. In the event that the Purchaserís water source is from a well and/or not a clean municipal system, the Manufacturer cannot determine the pre-filtration of dirt and other clogging material as would be expected in a normal municipal system. Less clean water (from various sources) may clog the 1-micron filter more quickly, and it would be Purchaserís responsibility to change that filter more often.  Flooding or other acts of nature might adversely effect the cleanliness of source water and might, also, precipitate earlier changes in the 1-Micron filter. Any water testing expenses are solely the expense of the purchaser.

        No other warranties.           To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, Manufacturer disclaims all other representations, warranties, conditions or other terms, either express or implied; and that Manufacturer is not liable for any installation expenses or any damage done by water flow correctly or incorrectly administered by Purchaser directly or indirectly through Manufacturerís product. 

        Registration of Unit and Exercising Warranty.            Units returned for any Warranty claim must include proof of purchase or must have been registered by Purchaser at the time of purchase. (Registration must be completed within 30 days of purchase by informing Manufacturer of Purchaserís name, address, telephone, unit model number purchased, unit description, cost of unit and source of purchase. This registration may be transmitted on Manufacturerís form or on Purchaserís stationery.)  

        Manufacturer may elect, at its sole discretion, to either refund the cost of the unit or to replace the unit with a new model. 

        All return goods must be freight prepaid and sent to the then current address of Manufacturer. Global Water Technologies on 8/1/00 is located at 8601 Sovereign Row, Dallas, Texas  75247.



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