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If a disaster really happens, the loss of power to water utilities will reduce or eliminate the water pressure. Hence, no water coming out of the faucet.

 If the power utilities have problems, there will be no electricity for a while.

 Aside from the air we breathe, the next most important element to survival is WATER.

 There are many sources of water around us: swimming pools, ponds, lakes, rivers and streams. Most are contaminated or not great drinking sources. (Most of the Third World boils their water daily to get a semblance of safety.)

 If a disaster hits, how do you get purified water for drinking, basic hygiene and cooking? 

 Bottled water only lasts so long, depending on how it's stored, the temperature, etc. (In Desert Storm, bottled water sitting on the hot Saudi airport tarmac waiting to be distributed became contaminated before it could be used. Additional planeloads of water had to be shipped in.)





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