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Global Water has pricing schedules for the following:

   1.                 Single Faucet Systems

For your kitchen sink, for the bathrooms, for the office, or anywhere you have a single faucet and you want to insure that the water coming out of the spout is the best potable water in the world.

    2.                 Entire Home Systems 

These systems are determined by the number of bathrooms and the number of people living in that individual (or multiple) home. There are four sizes of units defined as an A, B, C or D.  Use the cross-reference chart to determine the proper size unit and accessories. There is another correlating chart to determine your estimated operating expenses for every two-year period.

Once you determine your unit size and accessories, either fax, e-mail or phone in the order to Global.

3.                 Emergency Home Systems

          These systems were created for Y2K. They give a great sense of security wherever you might consider any natural disaster befalling your area (floods, hurricanes, etc.). These back-up emergency systems are good for the home, office, school, village or neighborhood.



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